Manage Accounts in the US While Living in Canada

If you are a Canadian resident and have retirement accounts stranded in the US (IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Pensions, etc.), we have a comprehensive investment solution that allows you to have professional management of all your investment accounts on both sides of the border in one integrated portfolio while coordinating it with your tax, retirement and estate planning objectives. In fact, many financial institutions in the US will simply not hold investment accounts for Canadian residents anymore, even though you may be a US citizen! We can hold your account and manage it professionally so you can simplify your financial situation while making the most of the assets available to you. We can also evaluate the currency risks your portfolio presents and develop strategies to protect your Canadian dollar lifestyle from a declining American dollar.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to collapse your IRA in the US at a 15% withholding rate and move it into an RRSP in Canada while paying no additional Canadian taxes. This 15% tax rate is generally much better than when you live in the US where federal tax rates can easily exceed 25% or more. Further, we can coordinate the transfer so you avoid the 10% early withdrawal penalty!

We create long-term, low-cost, tax efficient portfolios that optimize the location of your investments across your various US and Canadian accounts. In addition, we have the international tax and investment expertise to manage your portfolio to minimize your tax obligations in both countries. With us managing everything, your tax preparation is a snap because we have all the information we need to meet the stringent IRS (Forms FinCEN 114, 8891, 3520 and 8938 for example) and CRA (Forms T1135, T1161 and T1243 for example) reporting requirements and keep you in compliance with the tax authorities in both countries.