Our Services

We believe the process that best serves the needs of those making the transition from the US to Canada is our Transition Experience™.  This process contains three distinct, but interrelated steps:

  1. Canadian Aspirations Analysis™ – this financial plan is for those residing in the US who have decided to make the transition to Canada . This plan will show you how to set-up your financial affairs while still in the US so you can take advantage of every opportunity your unique situation presents, avoid any pitfalls and ensure a smooth transition to Canada .  This plan is implemented BEFORE departing the US and requires an ideal lead-time of two months prior to your departure for us to prepare and for you to implement.
  2. Realizing The Dream™ – this financial plan is for those who are now residing in Canada and want to set-up their financial affairs in Canada and close out their financial affairs in the US while maximizing any opportunities and avoiding any pitfalls.  This plan is typically implemented soon after you have settled into Canada .
  3. American Support System™ – this on-going retainer service provides support to you and your family in navigating your way through life in Canada .  There are many on-going needs that include investment management, foreign tax credit planning, assistance with citizenship interviews, Canadian and US tax planning and preparation and assisting with immigration as you travel between Canada and the US .

The Transition Experience™ provides you with the information you need, as you need it in making the transition to Canada.