How We Work

We are fee-only financial planners that follow a comprehensive financial planning process.

What do these terms mean?  Fee-only means our only source of compensation is from you vs. any third-party commissions, trailers, etc.

We believe this removes as many conflicts as possible and puts us firmly on your side.  Comprehensive Planning means we look at your entire personal and financial situation, versus just one portion of it.

We believe we can render the best advice to you when we understand the implications of one recommendation in all other areas of your personal and financial life.

Financial Planning is a process and not an end in itself.  It starts by assisting you in documenting your personal goals and objectives that are driven by your beliefs and values about money.  Once we have documented where you are “going,” we look at where you “are” and then determine how to get you “there.”  We can assess the feasibility of your goals and together, build a plan to get you there.

We believe the completion of your plan is the beginning of a journey together, not the end of a process.